Friday, April 20, 2007

Gear and Stuff to Do

For the past couple of weeks, I've been carrying around a list of the things that I think we need to either buy for our trip, or just not forget to bring with us. I realized this morning that I could just post it (the novelty!) so that it would be around on ye olde Internet for when I need it next. Brilliant!

What we need to buy/bring:
Backpacking Packs -- that's as opposed to hiking packs
Shoes -- super sturdy day hiking shoes + sandals
Quick-dry towels
Lightweight Jackets -- that will also keep us warm when we hit winter
Eating Utensils + Bowls
Digital Waterproof Watches
Sleep sacks
TSA approved locks
Emergency First Aid Kit
Bug Repellent
Pens and Paper -- to give out to people who don't usually have pens and paper
Motion bands for motion sickness
Toilet Paper
Wet Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Melatonin to help with sleep adjustment
Benadryl to help with sleep adjustment
Camera -- Matt's in charge of buying a new camera that's actually small. He's psyched.
Laptop/Pocket PC?
Cell Phone?
Stuff to Skype with?
Plug Adapters
Extra Passport Pics for both
Some Clothes -- longer skirts/dressyish pants for Lizzi, zip-off pants for both of us, bathing suits
Nonoffensive tshirts that we're cool with throwing away when we get back

Things we need to do:
Finalize our will
Square away our Life Insurance -- make sure we've named appropriate beneficiaries
Deal with our cats
Put our crap in storage
Deal with our bills
Pay our taxes
Get Vaccines -- ouch!
Get a New Passport for Lizzi
Get Travel Insurance

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