Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We Are Buzz Lightyear

Dear Internet,

We're going on a trip. A really big trip. And right now, in the planning stages, we're supposed to tell as many people as we possibly can, so that we can make the whole thing feel more real. It's kind of like the way people tell as many people as possible about a non-threatening surgery, just to reassure themselves that it is, indeed, non-threatening. So, Interweb, we're telling you. Except, of course, we're keeping it semi-secret for now so that we don't get fired from our current jobs, or not hired for other jobs that we might want. So Interweb, keep this trip thing on the DL, okay?

Cool, thanks.

We're also supposed to be saving money. So far, that isn't fun and it also isn't feasible, seeing as we don't have a whole lot of money to save. We're cool with that, though, because we (read: Lizzi) thinks that as long as we can pay our bills, we can go on this trip. And guess what? There's ALWAYS a way to pay your bills, even if it means selling organs! Kidding, of course.

So, without further ado:

The trip: the "plan" is to circumnavigate the world in 3-4 months. If it sounds absurd, that's because it IS absurd. Right now the "plan" includes South America, East Asia, India, maybe Israel, and parts of Europe. I have absolutely no idea whether we can do all of that in 3-4 months. That's why it's just a "plan" and not a plan. We'll get there, to the actual plan part, I'm sure of it. We'll have lots of help along the way, too. There will be smartypants writers who moonlight as travel agents, physicians who have seen a lot of the world already, a lawyer from Oklahoma who spent many many nights getting drunk in East Asia, no shortage of blogs, and lots and lots of books that will be too heavy to take on the actual trip. In the meantime, we get to keep talking and talking and talking about it to anyone who will listen. Especially those of you who don't think that we'll actually go through with it.

Your job: Keep reading, keep supporting! Give us lots and lots of suggestions. Remind us to be careful, even though we already know that. Remind us that it's really COOL to take time out of our lives to do this trip, not just really crazy. In fact, flat out tell us that we're not crazy. Request presents from various parts of the world! Help us shop at REI for lightweight but durable clothing, and for indestructable packs. Remind me that I don't need 15 pairs of underwear. And of course, when we're actually on the trip and we Skype with you from the middle of nowhere, remind us that you're just half a world away, and that's not that far, really.

Our job: when we're on the trip, our job will be to keep ourselves safe and happy and healthy, and keep you updated so that you know that we're safe and happy and healthy. Above all else, our job will be to have the experience of a lifetime together (hooray for together!), and to remember as many moments of it as we can, so that we can re-live the experience for years and years to come and encourage our (future) children to become hippies. Right now, our biggest job is to get ourselves more excited and less nervous.

So dear Interweb, I leave you with that for now. And by Interweb, I mean Matt, since he's the only one who can check this site right now. Let's get to it, people! To infinity and beyond!


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Matt said...

Rock on, sweets.

A great first post :)