Saturday, October 25, 2008

Out There on the Dunes

I was going through some more pics from the trip and came across this shot from our night on the dunes outside of Jaisalmer. The reason for being out in the middle of the Great Thar Desert in the middle of the night is that we went on an overnight camel safari. The big oaf in the center of the picture was my trusty steed for the trek. My travel tip: riding a camel is fun for about 10 minutes, after that they are just giant, smelly beasts that are constantly ramming a 2x4 into your ass, so go for the sunset camel ride and forego the hours of pointless torture on your backside.

jaisalmer nights

I shot this in RAW, but when I processed it, the whole photo was pitch black. But I cranked the exposure up as high as it would go to see if anything showed up. And what you see is what I got. Not bad for a 30-second exposure using a sand dune as a tripod.


Richard said...

Very cool picture. The whole thing sounds really neat, even if it wasn't comfortable. Don't they have camel saddles?

Matt said...

Yeah, but the saddle only makes the first 10 minutes moderately comfortable. Oh, and one false move and you AND the saddle slide down the camel's neck, like some twisted Disney amusement ride.