Saturday, September 27, 2008

Green with Envy

I have spent three out of the last seven weeks working out of Oakland, CA, on a project that involved the U.S. Coast Guard. Unlike my colleagues on the project, who all have significant prior military experience in very nasty situations but refer to downtown Oakland as the "Green Zone", I preferred to stay in downtown Oakland, smack in the middle of Chinatown. And when they would stroll in each morning talking about the steak they ate at Outback Steakhouse the previous night, I would tell them about the delicious hole-in-the-wall a 2-minute walk from my room, serving up tasty Cambodian food (unidentifiable fish in a banana leaf, just like Phnom Penh), or the Japanese place a stone's throw away that served a giant spicy tuna salad less than $5. And I could see it written on their faces: they had food envy. But they refused to venture into Oakland after dark, and they missed out. Their loss, not mine, because I'm still fondly remembering the 8-beer sampler from the brewpub (the Columbus IPA is good, but the Blue Whale Ale is tastier) less than a quarter-mile from my hotel's front door.

bigger than life micros

yummy amok

Don't worry, it's still me, so I also took pictures of the Coast Guard ships that I spent a couple of weeks working with :)


sherman's tail

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karm said...

MATT!!!! I just *left* Oak-town... I lived between the Broadway-Hawthorne and Hawthorne-Telegraph intersections... but spent a lot of time with friends at that Chinatown. Man, sometimes I miss the rawness of downtown Oakland. There's *nothing* like it down here in San Diego.

I scouted out your old blog to check out how you were doing, since I was reminiscing about our BCOT A-shred days (blame it on Ray Cendana: he just got married this past weekend). It's awesome seeing that you and Lizzi are doing great! I should check in more often. =)

Let me know if you head down to SD!