Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An Open Letter to Asia

Posted from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Dear Asia,

I understand your confusion over the fact that I have been married for nearly five years and yet do not have any children. I respect that you believe that something is woefully, seriously wrong with us. I promise to continue to lower my eyes and smile when you lean low and whisper to me that we should try, that very night, to make babies, that the moon is full and the stars are bright and that it is a most auspicious time. I promise that I take your concern seriously. I do. I really do. But Asia, time and time again I have walked through your streets and wanted to hand you a condom. I have wanted to explain to your mothers of 13 and 14 children that birth control IS an option, and that over in the western world we're allowed to exercise it. So, Asia, until such time as you understand that conceiving a child is low on the list of experiences I want to have while we're here, even while it's high on the list of experiences I very much want to have in my lifetime, I respectfully request that you stop offering a tea with a special blend of herbs and spices in order to fix my husband.



Steffers said...

You gotta love the States because folks in the good 'ol US of A don't judge married career women without children. Uh-huh.

Andy said...

Dear Lizzi-
Condoms? We don't need no freakin' condoms.

Matt said...

On the way to Jaisalmer the other day, I heard a radio commercial for Unwanted-72, the "hip, new contraceptive".