Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Next Two Weeks

Posted from Delhi, India

We realized the other day that we haven't told most of you out there who are reading this blog (hello to the three people who read this blog!) that for the next two weeks, we will be volunteering in Nepal. We're not really sure what we'll be doing, but we're pretty sure we'll be somewhere near Kathmandu and that we'll be connected to an orphanage. We might even get to see those famous mountains. We'll be working with this organization, and from my limited communication with them, they seem pretty cool. So wish us luck! And in the meantime, don't believe everything you read in the paper about Nepal. Our biggest concern is that we're going to freeze our butts off! Think warm thoughts.


BikerJ said...

I hadn't checked up on your blog in awhile, but I see I've got some catching up to do! Just reading through the posts on the front page have been wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to journal as you go on this trip of a lifetime.

On that note, how much time a week do you devote to updating this blog (or internet in general)?

Good to see you guys are doing great!


Jess said...

See - there are at least 5 of us who look at it! No, seriously, you know that we are all captivated and loving the experience of living through you guys since we can't be there ourselves!

Cris said...

so, how's it going how's it going how's it going? adopted anyone yet?

Andy said...

Got your Diamox handy?