Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bond. James Bond

Posted from Jodhpur, India

Did anyone else know that the James Bond movie Octopussy was filmed in Udaipur? I had no idea. But it was. And they still talk about it, like it's the biggest thing that's happened in Udaipur. Ever! Most of the budget restaurants even screen the movie each night just to attract a few customers. Like us.

C'mon, like we WEREN'T going to see it. You know me, and I know me, and we all knew that as soon as I found out that a James Bond was filmed in Udaipur and I had the opportunity to watch it, I was going to. We found a divey little place and cozied up with a few lemon sodas and watched Bond do his thing. It was a nice way to waste a couple of hours. Lizzi had never seen the flick, and I haven't watched it in almost ten years. Nevertheless, it was mindless, good fun. Throughout the movie, we were picking out places that we recognized, like the intersection just outside the restaurant. And we laughed out loud at the rickshaw chase scene because I've been telling Lizzi since Bangkok that I want to film a high-speed tuk-tuk chase. Well, it looks like James Bond has already done it.

What's most strange to me is that we keep following in Bond's footsteps. First, in Thailand. And now, here in India. Dude, that guy got around. I know that at least one Bond movie was made in Hong Kong, so in three weeks, I'll let you know all about that one.


Cris said...

OMG, in three weeks you'll be in Hong Kong!? That means you are almost home. I am happy for me (and sad for me, since the blog reading has been most entertaining) and sad for you both that your adventure is at an end. Well, your international adventure, anyway, i'm sure there are plenty of domestic adventures to come :)

Lizzi said...

I see a post in the future detailing exactly what will be done with the blog after the trip is all over. I'm not revealing anything yet, but stay tuned!