Thursday, February 7, 2008

Long Live the King!

Written about Phnom Penh
Posted from Negombo, Sri Lanka

When we left our guest house next to the river in Phnom Penh heading for the Royal Palace and its Silver Pagoda, we noticed that the activity on the street seemed...a little off. Tuk-tuks, which had nearly crashed into us the night before, were mysteriously missing from the road paralleling the river. In fact, the more we observed we noticed that they were no cars on the street and that police officers were posted at every intersection with handheld radios. Having spent a few years living in D.C., we immediately recognized the preparations for a motorcade. Sure enough, moments later, we heard a siren coming up fast behind us. The two security guards standing next to us politely instructed us to wave at the oncoming vehicles. And there he was. The King of Cambodia, his head sticking out of the open window of his Lexus SUV, waving to the people in the street. Lizzi and I just stared at each other after he passed from view, and then I said, "Dude, we just saw the king!"


Richard said...

This reminds me of the time that Iris and I snuck into a church (along with several Peace Corps members) in Istambul to see the meeting of the Pope and the Archbishop of the Greek Orthadox Church for the first time in about 500 years!! Obviously, I don't mean that they were over 500 years old, but very exciting non the less!!

Lizzi said...

THAT is a story I never knew! Dad, you rock!