Sunday, February 3, 2008

Civil War Aside, Sri Lanka is Pretty Cool

Written and Posted from Kandy, Sri Lanka

It's been a long time since we've had the chance to post anything. Sorry about that. We were chugging along in Cambodia, posting to our heart's content, and then there were those few wonderful days back in Bangkok, and then we got to Sri Lanka and it's been go, go, go, with no internet connection of which to speak. Until now, obviously.

So here we are. In Sri Lanka, where the time difference is 10.5 hours different than the east coast (gotta love the .5, eh?). And yes, there really is a civil war going on. But we're fine, I promise. And so far, we've been largely unaffected by the conflict. We're doing our best to keep it that way. In the meantime, you should all know that Sri Lanka ROCKS. It's beautiful and warm and lovely, and the ancient religious sites are just amazing. So far, everyone has been unbelievably friendly and smiley. Also? The food is amazing. And I'm not just saying all of this because I happen to know a particularly sweet girl from Sri Lanka, either. It's all 100% true. Hopefully, within the next couple of days, there will be pictures and posts in greater detail to prove it.

I hope everyone at home has a great Superbowl Sunday. There's a teeny tiny part of me that wishes I could be there, eating hoagies and picking a team to root for. But there's this other part of me, the part that's totally stuffed on rice and rotti and curry, that's really happy to wake up tomorrow and just check the score!

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