Monday, January 14, 2008

For Those Keeping Score at Home

Posted from Hanoi, Vietnam

In case you're trying to keep tabs on us, we arrived in Hanoi last night. Our first, over-tired impressions of the city at night are that it's a scary, overwhelming place to be. Hopefully daylight and a good night's rest will help us find the silver linings to this particular cloud.

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heather said...

o! don't be sad! my arrival in hanoi was terrifying, too! i arrived on a night train from Hue and it got in so early in the morning it was pitch black and no amount of banging on gusthouse doors would get me in so i wandered the streets with my backpack until dawn when the guesthouse- that was expecting me!- finally let me in! you're right. it's kinda scary. but then i woke up and it was so beautiful and omigosh after months of slummy backpacking through asia there were baguettes!!!!and i went to a salon and got pretty again and ho chi min's mausoleum beats any ride at any amusement park ever! and the whole city is magically graceful and just plain pretty! the schools are so quiet and pretty you just think you could read for the rest of your life...if I didn't like you guys so much i would be green with envy. ok, i'm green anyway, but i am so, so excited for you and am loving every post!