Saturday, January 5, 2008

Another Auspicious Birthday

Today is our very good friend Geoff's 30th birthday. (Are we sensing the theme that this is the year everyone turns 30? Because it's there. The theme, I mean. Everyone is turning 30!) Many of you don't know Geoff, but to know him, REALLY know him, is to love him.

I met Geoff as a freshman at Carnegie Mellon. We were both in the dorkiest history class, and we both had an unabashed love for our professor. We took a couple of other classes together at CMU, and every single time we confessed the exact same things about the class: we're SUCH dorks and we LOVE our professors! Over time, I came to know Geoff as one of the smartest people I've ever met. He might deny it, and my other friends always wonder why I picked Geoff as the smartest, but it's true people, it's really true.

Underneath his veneer of dirty jokes and well-timed one-liners lies a heart of pure and solid gold. Though he is, at times, 30-going-on-18, at other times he is 30-going-on-ageless. He is the type of man you want your kids to hang out with. Not only because he will he adore them, but because he'll encourage them to do all of those things that kids need to be encouraged to do (from someone other than their parents).

We really wish that we could be in two places at once -- here in Thailand seeing all of this stuff, and in New York with Geoff celebrating his birthday. We know that Geoff was really excited for us to be on this trip, so we're going to stay here for the next couple of months. But when we get back, we're going to celebrate his birthday in style, because that's what you do for a guy like Mr. Go.

Happy Birthday, Geoffey! We wish you many years left with your hair, and a lifetime of wonderful things.

Lizzi and Matt


Julie said...

Here, here! Happy Birthday, old man, I mean, Geoff!

Geoff said...

Good God you guys, even from half a world away you always have a way with words that make me tear up just a little bit.

Thanks for the B-day wishes and every fiber of my being would love to be doing what you are doing.

Love always,

Richard said...

Happy Birthday Geoff! Actually not everyone is turning 30..... I'm continuing to hold at 39!!!