Monday, December 3, 2007

Anywhere but Home for the Holidays

Less than 20 days till we leave for Thailand. I can't believe it's so close already. Luckily, everything is pretty much taken care of; everything except where we are going to be staying in Thailand. According to the guidebooks and the blogs, not knowing exactly where we're going to be staying is completely normal. However, what the guidebooks don't tell you is what to expect when you are traveling over the winter holidays: Christmas and New Year's. And that's precisely when we are going to be in Thailand. Specifically, we plan to be on Ko Phi-Phi for Christmas and Ko Samui for the New Year.

To make planning a little less stressful, we divided up the holiday stays: Lizzi planned Ko Samui, and I got the other one. Diligently, she booked our New Year's stay over a month ago. Thinking that seaside bungalows grow on trees in Thailand, I dragged my heels and just now started looking at where to stay. Surprise, surprise! Everything on Ko Phi-Phi is booked solid until after the first of the year. So Ko Phi Phi is a bust. Whoops. Never fear, I've got a back-up plan in mind, and I hope by the end of the week, we'll be all set for our Christmas stay in the islands.

The moral of the story is this: the holidays are a wonderful time to travel; you know this, and so does everybody else. Book your stay ahead of time.

As for our stay over Christmas, I'll keep you posted.

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